Angus & Celeste

In 2007 Angus & Celeste founders Keir Angus Mac Donald and Asha Celeste Cato visualised a brand that revelled in all the colour and wonder of the natural world. With a love of eclectic objects, they set out to create their own style of fascinating and highly crafted ceramics.

Handmade . Eco friendly . Made in USA

B.Cronk Ceramics

"My name is Bryan, and I’m a ceramics artist working out of Sullivan County in the Catskills specializing in handmade rustic pottery.

Working primarily with soft slabs, I have come to appreciate the organic nature and movement of clay, and allow the clay do what it wants to do. Using a combination of neutral colored glazes and stains, I let the finished stoneware stand on its own. Beautiful while remaining functional. Drawing inspiration from nature, my work combines the inherent warmth of wood with the hard yet practical nature of ceramics."

Handmade . Small Batch . Made in USA

Floral Society

Moved by the changing seasons of the natural world and the collaborative spirit of the floral community, The Floral Society makes creative tools and objects to inspire the design enthusiast at home. We believe that everyone with a vision can be both creator and curator — from the budding florist to the skilled host, and all humans in between. Founded by Sierra Steifman of New York boutique floral house Poppies & Posies, our focus is on time-tested essentials infused with a heavy dose of aspiration. We aim to open up a world of flowers, gardening, and casual entertaining to all.

Guten Co.

Guten Co. is a design workshop that produces simple products that work and last. Every porcelain product is formed and finished by hand in their San Antonio, TX studio.

Handmade . Made in USA

Jamie Lynn

Hand Drawn + Letterpress Printed + Hand Painted. All of her work starts as original, hand drawn art conceived from inspiration around her. After the drawings are realized, they are converted to 3 dimensional relief plates and letterpress printed on 100% cotton printmaking papers. Once the printing is done, each print is hand painted using vibrant, high-pigment watercolors, creating unique pieces - no two are exactly alike.

Handmade . Made in USA

Karacotta Ceramics    

Karacotta Ceramics are foremost designed with functionality in mind; each piece is handmade, to achieve a simple, modern, organic aesthetic. This unique process, where each piece is individually worked with at least ten times, takes place over many days. It ensures no two pieces are created exactly the same, with slight variations in shape, size and glaze. They value craftsmanship over production quantity -  they even scratch-make our tools, clay-bodies, and glazes, or curate locally from the very best.

Eco friendly . Social awareness . Handmade . Made in USA


Ten years ago, Benedicte and Jerome decided to leave France, their home country, to explore what life in North America felt like. After enjoying the sweet Canadian lifestyle of Vancouver and Toronto for about half a decade, the travel bug hit them again, pushing them to cross the border and move to New York City. This is where their ceramic obsession started. It only took an intro class and countless hours spent on the wheel during open studio hours for Benedicte to get completely hooked. Promptly investing in a wheel and setting up a small studio in their Brooklyn apartment, it didn’t take long for Jerome to share this new passion and for us to start creating together our first collections of tableware, vases and planters. When not making ceramics, we both love creating new objects ranging from furniture, clothing, knitting, weaving, wood carving, fabric printing... taking on as many craft projects as they can.

Handmade . Made in USA

Marisa Ritsuko

Handmade . Eco friendly . Made in USA 

Mayware Ceramics

Mayware Ceramics specializes in contemporary, wheel-thrown, functional pieces designed to bring the art of handmade design into everyday use. Each piece is crafted with intention by ceramic artist Jeffrey Ryan May, and is uniquely one-of-a-kind.

Handmade . Eco friendly . Made in USA . Small batch 


MOkun is a San Francisco-based textiles company founded by artist and maker Moriah Okun. MOkun baskets make catch-alls for all types of things, or sculptural elements in their own right. Each piece is coiled and stitched by Moriah on a sewing machine using thin cord and layers of dense thread to create bold blocks of color. The resulting forms are both sturdy and flexible, beautiful and functional.


Mudpuppy Ceramic Studio

Mudpuppy Ceramic Studio creates thoughtfully designed ceramics for urban living that are beautiful, well made, one of a kind pieces for your home. With the onset of the great recession he turned his love of ceramics to build a new life one discerning customer, one amazing shop, at a time with a commitment to quality and unique design as his guide. His work is a reflection of an embrace of a slower lifestyle and the tradition of individual craftsmanship. Hand crafted in Denver, Colorado.

Eco friendly . Handmade . Made in USA

Ona by Ekobo

Founders, Franco-American duo Bruno & Boo Louis, stand by their mission to be pioneers in eco-design. They’ve been long-devoted to improving the way we engage with people and our planet, but their creative process is fueled by their own family - their three girls, their messy real life needs; each collection expands as their own kids grow. They’ve always believed that being green isn’t a fad, or an option, so they remain committed to making products that are durable, safe, thoughtful alternatives for today, but most importantly, for tomorrow. All of their products are meant to be used and reused, day in and day out, indoors or outdoors.

Eco friendly

Port Living Company

Port Living Company produces thoughtfully designed concrete products which are guaranteed to give a lifetime of complete satisfaction. Unique blends of ultra high performance concrete are tailored to each product that we craft. Each article is sealed with our own FDA approved sealer, and then hand buffed with a vegetable based buffing compound. No harmful chemicals or fillers are used in any of our products. Port Living Company products are always cast using only 100% pure concrete.

Eco friendly . Made in USA

The Handloom

Apparel and home goods handcrafted with a blend of traditional Turkish culture and the Southern California sun. We are not lost souls; we are resilient travelers wandering in search of art in a preoccupied world. Handloom is a minimalist lifestyle brand, blending bohemian chic with oriental tradition. The Handloom strives to be the cultural bridge between the ancient ways of Turkey and free-spirited individuals in the U.S. It is the result of creative lifestyles coming together through fashion, design, nature and the outdoors. Now taking shape in Southern California, Handloom brings a classic panache intertwining beauty and heritage.

Eco friendly


Variously is a sustainable brand based in Detroit, Michigan. Driven by concepts rooted with cultural connections rather than short lived trends, Variously develops small batches of capsule collections in fashion & home accessories like scarves, throws, blankets, cushions by collaborating with global artisanal partnerships. We directly collaborate with 3rd /4th generation master artisans ( no middle men ) to ensure design innovation for restoring & reviving heritage techniques for modern lifestyle spaces. As a sustainable lifestyle brand, Variously uses only the finest qualities of natural yarns & superior quality eco friendly dyes that are ethically sourced. All our textiles are 100% handmade using techniques on the handloom or printing techniques like shibori.

Eco friendly . Handmade . Social awareness