{5} 3mL Botanical Fragrance: Essential oils & Organic Jojoba in mini-glass roller bottles held in a travel tin.

M://01 ARISE

bright, fresh, floral and fruity

ruby red grapefruit, jasmine, cananga flower, sandalwood

M://02 COVE

citrus top notes meet tropic florals ending with hints of soft vanilla

yuzu, frangipani, white lotus, buddha wood, balsam of peru

M://03 1969

warm, spicy, rich

blood orange, black pepper, clove, balsam copaiba

M://04 KYOTO

floral, subtle sweet hints of mimosa and green tea meets light wood

white ginger lily, mimosa, green tea, siam wood

M://05 DUSK

rich, complex and earthy

jasmine, black currant, eaglewood, oak moss




Not sure if this is the scent for you? Order samples here that go towards the future purchase of a full-size roll-on or an Explore Set.


Lightly apply the roller ball to to the pulse points, neck chest and wrists to release the fragrance onto the skin.

Because these fragrances as pure, plant based, non toxic, free from chemicals and preservatives they will not be as strong as synthetic fragrances lasting for 3-5 hours on your skin. Reapply as desired

The botanical fragrance will change and vary with ones own individual chemistry.  

The varying colors of the fragrances are from the essential oils themselves and will not stain your skin when applied.

Use roll-on perfume oil any time you desire. Apply to pulse points (neck, chest and wrist),  lightly rolling the ball on the skin to release the fragrance.


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